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Hi! I'm Ayla Kell.

I have dedicated my professional life to focusing on art and am here to exhibit creativity. This is a tool for me to share what inspires me on a more personal level and give more insight into what I find captivating.

I offer acting coaching, have a section for prints, and am filling this blog with great resources and will be highlighting art- wherever it can be found. Consider this a "behind the scenes" access into what makes me so fervently creative.

For today, here are some fun finds for being at home.

What to listen to: Drastic Measures by BAYONNE. This one will come up a lot. He is genius. I found him completely by accident after winning tickets on 88.5 FM (another favorite of mine), and he was the opener. I was obsessed INSTANTLY. It was so good that I went and bought the vinyl while the main act was on.

The website is still new, so we appreciate your patience. I already can't wait to share more with you!

It's only too familiar that I have about a million and one ideas.



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I looooooove your smile/grin at the end of your long 6 second video. "5'4 and haven't been outside in a longtime." I know it's 2 years old,but very cute and genuine smile. Might have fallen in love lol. Just 5'4? That's all we get? Haha jk.

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